Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club

George Strait - Where Have I Been All My Life

Buddy Jewell - O’Reilly Luck

Bucky Covington - A Fathers Love, The Only Way He Knew How

Trick Pony - I Didn’t

Oak Ridge Boys - What Cha Gonna Do

Steve Holy - She’s So

Blue County - I Get To

High Valley - The Only Way He Knew How

Oak Ridge Boys - I Get To

Sherrie’ Austin - I Didn’t

Kristen Chenoweth - I Didn’t

Karli Whetstone - I Didn’t

Crossin’ Dixon - Goodbye to Henry

Thom Shepherd - Redneck Yacht Club, Pier Pressure

Laura Bryna - Make a Wish, She Can’t Save Him

Jeff and Sheri Easter - I Get To